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Haggate Baptist Chapel

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In Memory of
Walter Wilkinson
Son of Abraham
And Elizabeth ALTHAM
of Byerden House Burnley
Who died Sept 13th 1866
Aged 3 months
Also of James, their son
Who died Nov 16th 1871
Aged 4 days
Also of Fred Wilkinson their son
Who died Sept 28th 1875
Aged 13 months
Also of the above named
Elizabeth ALTHAM
Who died Nov 28th 1877
Aged 35 years
Also of Fred
Son of A and M A ALTHAM
Born Jan 8th 1880
Died Jan 10th 1880

In Loving Remembrance
Abraham ALTHAM J.P.
of Oakleigh
Born Dec 14th 1841
Died July 28th 1885

In Loving Memory of
Abraham Clifford M.C.
Eldest son of
Peter H and Bertha ALTHAM
of Reedley Hall
Born January 7th 1893
Died October 19th 1923
In Loving Memory of
Peter Holgate ALTHAM J.P.,
son of Abraham ALTHAM J.P.,
Born September 8th 1867
Died September 26th 1934
Wife of the above
Born November 7th 1869
Died March 5th 1948

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