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Briercliffe Aerial View

Original Image
A Commercial Hotel (Briercliffe Rd)
B Walshaw Mill (Talbot St)
C Jubilee Terrace 1887 (Burnley Rd)
D Oxford Mill (Burnley Rd)
E Mill Pond (Oxford Mill) (Burnley Rd)
F Briercliffe Mill (Business Centre) (Burnley Rd)
G Granville Terrace 1882 (Burnley Rd)
H Guild House (Townley St)
I Gladstone Terrace 1882 (Burnley Rd)
J Cobden Terrace 1882
K Dr Muir’s House (Burnley Rd)
L 1888 (Finial) (Burnley Rd / Queen St)
M Ivy Villas 1883 (Queen St)
N Queens St Mill (Queen St)
O King’s Mill (Queen St)
P St James Church (Church St)
Q Vicarage Terrace 1900 (Church St)
R Jackwell House (Tennyson St)
S The Olde Corn Mill (Tennyson St)
T Brightville 1883 (Burnley Rd)
U Thorn Bank (Jubilee St)
V Haggate Farm House (now Kimberley Close)

Image Source = Image courtesy of The Briercliffe Society. Information kindly supplied by Plaques
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