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Haggate Operatta 1956

Some names I can remember or partly remember from left to right;

Back row (5th row)
2nd John Proudfoot; 4th Peter Proudfoot; 10th (first name ?) Abbott

4th row
1st Kathleen Cardwell; 12th Joan (surname ?);

3rd row
12th John Robinson;

2nd row
1st Christine Fairburn; Susan Dent; 3rd Eileen (surname ?);
4th Susan Proudfoot; 5th Frederick Ferguson? 6th Hazel (I think) (surname ?);
10th Jacqueline (Cox ?); 12th Marilyn Eastwood; 13th Eunice Bates;

Front row (1st row)
1st (in cardigan) Sheila (surname ?)

Image Source = Rockyrobin
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