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Mansfield School

Taken circa 1954

Howell comments - "The bottom row would, at a guess, be born 1941 - 42, the 2nd row up (my year) would be 1939 - 40, the 3rd row 1940 - 41. My sister, Valerie Williams, is on the 3rd row, six from the viewer's right. The girl next (seven from the viewer's right) to her lived on Halifax Rd (her father ran a pub if memory serves).
In the second row up the girl on the viewer's left had the surname Riley and was from Harle Syke, the girl next but one (in the army jacket) had distinct red hair whilst the girl second from the other end of the row had the surname Iveson and her family ran a shop in Worsthorne."

Image Source = Howell Williams
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