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Author:  Glenys [ Tue Aug 28, 2007 10:06 am ]
Post subject:  DEAN

Researching the DEAN Family of Burnley.

Rev. William DEAN and Susannah DEAN (nee Horne).
Married at Ebenezer Baptist Church 1870
Had 3 Children:
Mary Ann
Margaret Jane

Herbert DEAN and Martha DEAN (nee LEE)
Married at Angle Street Baptist Chapel.
Had 8 Children:
Annie (my Grandmother)
Bob (not Robert)

All 8 Children came to NZ with Martha.
Herbert went to Canada and died there.

Does anyone here have ties with this family?

I would be grateful if you would make contact with me.


Author:  Mel [ Sat Sep 06, 2008 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DEAN

The Manchester Times

Saturday June 11 1853

Found Drowned
An inquest was held on Thursday last, at the house of Mr. C. Tattersall, Habergham Eaves, on the body of Elizabeth Dean, aged 24 years, whose body had been found drowned in the Leeds and Liverool canal, on Monday morning last. The deceased was a power-loom weaver, and for a length of time had been in a low state of mind; a short time ago she was an inmate of the Lancaster Lunatic Asylum. On Friday morning she left her parents' house to proceed to her work, and was watched to the lobby of the mill; about an afterwards the foreman came and informed her mother that the deceased was not at her work; search was made for her, but without effect until Monday last, when the body was found by a boatman, near to Rose Grove Bridge, about two miles from Burnley. The deceased had often threatened to commit suicide. The jury returned a verdict of "Found drowned."

Author:  Mel [ Sat Sep 06, 2008 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DEAN

The Preston Guardian

Saturday June 11 1853


On Monday last, the body of a young woman named Elizabeth Dean, aged 25 years, was picked up by a boatman in the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, near a bridge called "Molly i'th Wood Bridge," within Hapton, and was conveyed to a barn at Rose Grove, Habergham Eaves. In the course of the day the body was examined by Mr. Smirthwaite, surgeon, of Burnley, who considered that it must have been on the water for several days. It appears that the unfortunate woman had frequently been subject to aberrations of intellect, and had for some time been confined to the County Lunatic Asylum, from whence she was only discharged about six weeks ago. After her release, she had gone to reside with her mother at Crawshaw Booth, who had some time since left Burnley to live with her sister and brother-in-law in that village. She was considered sufficiently recovered to attend her employment as a power-loom weaver, and accordingly left her residence for that purpose on Friday morning; but instead of going to her work at the factory, she went on the road towards Burnley (where she has many relatives), and nothing was heard of her until Monday, when her body was found as above stated. A few days before she had attempted strangulation in bed, whilst lying by the side of her mother, by tying the hem of her own tightly round her throat, but her mother just awoke in time to save her life then. Her mother is well known by the name of "Peggy Dean," but her real name is Smith, having been married, when a widow, to a respectable man of that name, who resides at Burnley; but she parted from her husband soon after their marriage. There is no truth whatever that the deceased was in the family way, or that she was murdered by her supposed sweetheart, as there were no marks of violence on her person, save a light scratch on her back, and a cut on her arm.

Author:  MichaelA [ Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DEAN

If you are still looking for DEANS I can help to some extent. I'm also from NZ (though now living in UK) and descended from Herbert and Martha, via Harry, and then Durelle

The William you want was not a Rev. but a stone mason.

1871 Census
Dean William 20 1851 Head Stone Mason Burnley, Lancashire
Dean Susannah 21 1850 Wife Cotton Weaver Wheatley Lane, Lancashire
Dean Mary Ann 7M 1871 Daur Burnley, Lancashire

They had three children Mary Ann (1871), Herbert (1873), and Margaret J (1876)

William died of in 1878 of a pulmonary disease, possibly TB. Margaret also drops off the radar, presumed dead.

Susannah (re)married James Kippax about 1886. And they had three more children. John (1887), Elizabeth (1889), and James (1890).

I've got back one generation on the DEAN side.

Willam's parents were John and Mary Dean. In 1861 census

Dean John 39 1822 Head Stone Mason Whelly, Lancashire
Dean Mary A 38 1823 Wife Wife Blackburn, Lancashire
Dean Margaret 15 1846 Daur Cotton Weaver Burnley, Lancashire
Dean Alice A 13 1848 Daur Cotton Weaver Burnley, Lancashire
Dean William 10 1851 Son Scholar Burnley, Lancashire
Dean Thomas 8 1853 Son Scholar Burnley, Lancashire
Dean Milisa 4 1857 Son Scholar Burnley, Lancashire
Dean Mary J 1 1860 Daur Burnley, Lancashire

The 1851 Census is messy

18 South Street Whalley, Burnley, Lancashire
Dean John 29 1822 Son Mason Burnley, Lancashire
Dean Mary A 27 1824 Daur In Law Masons Wife Blackburn, Lancashire
Dean Margaret 5 1846 Grand Daur Scholar Burnley, Lancashire
Dean Alice Ann 2 1849 Grand Daur Burnley, Lancashire
Dean William 3 M 1851 Grand Son Burnley, Lancashire
Stansfield Ann 58 1793 Head House Keeper Whalley, Lancashire
Wilkinson Miles 19 1832 Son Mason Burnley, Lancashire
Wilkinson Mary Ann 17 1834 Daur Power Loom Weaver Cotton Burnley, Lancashire
Stansfield Elizabeth 10 1841 Grand Daur Scholar Burnley, Lancashire

Ann Stansfield is apparently John Dean's mother. But she also has kids surnamed Wilkinson. Did she marry three times? Still puzzling this out.

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